2008 Show Wrapup

by Jackie Temple
El Jeffe, Jerry Costanzo had us under control to eliminate the anxious situation with the new venue and a few conflicts.  Great job Jerry!  Behind every great man is an even greater woman.
Wow, if you want to test peoples commitment to a successful show, just put them in the middle of a field in 100 plus temperatures, give them lots of jobs that make them walk 400 miles and let bossy women shout and holler.  Wait for it. they still smile at the end of a wild weekend.
This year saw some changes for me.  I delegated the Winners circle parking to Kenda and as usual she did a bang up job.  The Silent Auction was handled well by Kyle and Katie Owens and the small but very efficient group of volunteers (Heidi, Jean, Marisa and Kim).  Thanks to all the members that either donated or went out and got donations for the Silent Auction.
I was very pleased to spend a couple of hours directing traffic through the Swap Meet at the end of the mini rally through the Yolo Co. Fairgrounds.  Not only did I get to greet most of the drivers, I got to tell them where to go (one of my favorite things) and how to get there and I was in the shade.  Special thanks to those that took the other jobs from me and did a splendid job.

Jerry and Katie were real workhorses getting the field planned and marked so that the remainder of the Saturday crew could follow up.  It was a terrific turn out of volunteers for the set up and takedown.  Thanks for letting me rant, rave and control the loading of the club trailer as the trailer is packed and I do not have to repack it this year.

Thanks to all the wonderful tent crew that tolerated the temporary moves and removes that went on for the good part of two hours.  Thanks, also to Keith and Sharon Cronin for all the extra tents you brought for us to use.  Our illustrious leader Ian and his really good friend Kim, Tim Towne, Keith and Sharon Cronin, Bob King, Jerry and Katie, Carl Agnew, Jim (the mouth) Messineo, Boyce and Jean, Ken and Charlene, Bob and Josh and, Mac and Kenda who were every where Saturday and Sunday doing whatever was needed.

Under the guidance of Katie the registration was handled very professionally by daughters Nicky (Nickys special someone) and Natalie and Sherry Byers.  Josh Jones, Bob and Sherry's son, was a great help both in registration and handling messages back and forth.

Charlene Pinkerman and Nancy Reed handled the Club Booth and Carl Agnew (great job on Dash Plaques) and Michael Hash should be salesmen of the year, they moved a lot of regalia on Sunday.  Zack will be pleased he did all that ordering for the show.

The behind the scenes computer gurus Katie Costanzo, Sherry Byers and Kenda Sawhill do not get enough recognition for all the hours that go into the planning and completion of the Best of the British Car Shows.  We do not even want to know how many trees were destroyed, printer cartridges were emptied and computer hours went into the many printings and mailings that went on and on.

As usual the gate crew kept control over the entries, thank you Jim and Marjorie Grace, Matt and Debbie Spacek , Aaron(Natalie's special someone), Ken Pinkerman and once again Sharon Cronin (how does she get around to do all those jobs?).  Bob King put may miles on his truck putting out and picking signs, shopping and gathering cones and delineator (love that word, it's Kim's).

A very big THANKS to the parking volunteers who said they would help AND followed through with the commitment.  Most came early and continued the parking until it was done.  I think the last car came in around 10:45.  I wish I knew everyone who was on that detail but sorry I do not and can’t mention some and miss one.  You know who you are; I don't love you any less.  Bob Byers handled the Swap Meet folks as well as one or two of the mini rally corners.  Mac had control of all the parking gang and did a fine job as always.

Kenda's mom, Mickie, helped to finance our club by selling Leatherby's ice cream from the little white tent.  Hopefully it was a very busy day for her.

I must never forget my wonderful husband,Gordon,  on his little English Raleigh bike for the money pickup, errand running and best of all, the food preparation.  Thanks to all that brought contributions for the potlucks on both Stuff it and Saturday night.

The ballot counters worked hard to make sure all the chosen winners got those great awards that Dennis Reidy ordered.  All in all I think the show was great.  So many to thank and I hope you are all hydrated by now.


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