Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

UBSCC Meeting Minutes
Mimi’s café
February 2, 2016
Members in Attendance 29

President Pat Galvin opened up the meeting at 7pm with a role call of officers, Katie Owens, Secretary was out of town somewhere having fun!   Everyone else was in attendance.

There were no new guests tonight

Reading of the minutes were approved as posted in February Oilspots

Appointed Positions: Tony Pantoja, Editor was unavailable, he was celebrating I believe his 46th wedding anniversary!  Carl Agnew was also missing this evening.

Parts Masters: 50/50 Attending: Jerry Costanzo, Rich Thomas and Bob Byers

Treasurer’s report:  Katie read a statement of balances, income and expenses for the month to the group.  Teddy Bear fund is up to $1,981.00

Correspondence: Vice President Kim Mercer handed out SCTOA newsletter and Ye ol Valve Clattre. 
CA Auto Museum are asking for donations for support of a distracted driving simulator.
Maxwell Classic Car Show in Maxwell CA will be held on Saturday, May 21 at Maxwell High School 9:30 - 11:00 - 3:00 (Maxwell is up Hwy 5 just past Williams. 
CA Auto Museum is hosting a fun evening to kick off Beer Week in Sacramento, Tasting featuring: Beer Prom, March 4 @ 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm $10 for designated driver entry (DDs must still be 21 or over)
$40 pre-registration (from January 17th to March 2nd) $50 at the door
Add $10 for VIP access to our specialty brew area.  Someone volunteer to round up some members?

Editors Report: Editor missing in action on honeymoon, celebrating 40+ years of blissful marriage with his lovely wife Stephanie.

Ongoing Business: Carl Agnew was not in attendance to give us an update, watch your email for the ACCC newsletter

Old Business:

Christmas in January Party - awesome event, great turn out, great hosts, thank you Rapoza’s
CA Auto Museum TR 3 Restoration, we had a tech session, lots of folks turned out to help and we got it running, fixed a lot, found a lot more to work on, so far we have spent about $800 in parts, will have another session march 6, notice to be sent out.


New Business: Officers held an events planning meeting, if you would like to host an event that we maybe have not done before, please let a board member know, we would love to hear from you

Valentines Breakfast at Venita Rhea’s in Rocklin, sign up sheet and email notice sent out, looks like a good turn out, Call Tony Pantoja to be hooked up.

St. Patrick’s Day parade, March 12, Mike Rapoza hosting this one again, great morning drive, parade is awesome, come join us and then a fun lunch at Swabbies on the river.  Watch your email for details.

April Fools Rally, Mike and Mike are hosting this one, watch your emails for details

Drive in the Delta… to places you probably have not gone before!  We will meet at Bartley Cavanagh golf course 9:30, leave at 10:00 and eat lunch at the Point restaurant.  Beni Feil is running this one.

Volcano theatre sign up sheet going around, respond by Feb 19th if you want to go, tickets go fast, event is June 11th.  Contact Kim Mercer

Oilspots articles…. Hey, help a friendly editor with some articles please.

Dixon Car Show:  We ill have a meeting to mail out flyers on Feb 28th at the Costanzo’s house, bring a pot luck item please.  Starts at 3pm

Regalia:  Beni is ordering all new supplies, car badges… yes ZACK… Car badges!  Lots of other exciting things including socks, denim shirts and some good ladies gear including canvas bags

For the good of the club:  Bills upside down car was a Saab 95. I think the closest response that won $5 was Bob Rinker!

Tom McEvilly talked about hoses and the issues they are having (melting) with the new fuels, he would like to know if any members would like to purchase some from him, he would like to buy a large roll and sell to you by the foot, please let him know

Ian finally gave Tom and Paula the bird… they were awarded the official Chicken in May after the Dixon Car show and finally it went home.

A rumor has started that someone insulted Christmas, evidence is being sought in order to award the Royal order of the golden fur and feather award.  Stay Tuned!

Minutes respectfully submitted by VP Kim Mercer as Katie Secretary was missing in action tonight.

Kim Mercer



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