Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

UBSCC minutes for
May 3, 2016

29 members in attendance for the meeting. Meeting held at Mimi’s café, called to order by Vice President Kim Mercer at 7PM. 
Roll call of officers:  Kim Mercer, Katie Costanzo were present
No guests attending the meeting (perhaps they knew that the Chairman of the show would muscle them into volunteering?)
Minutes from the last meeting were approved via vote.  Date of last meeting was April 5, 2016. Motion approved as posted in Oilspots and as posted on our website. 
Appointed positions:  In attendance
Webmaster: Ken Montgomery           Regalia:   Beni Feil
Historian:   Bob Byers                         Dixon Chair:   Jerry Costanzo
Communication:  Bill Pugh                 ACCC:  Carl Agnew
Grand Pooh-Ba:   Ian Kernot
Parts Masters: in attendance:
Austin-Healey:  Jerry Costanzo       Jaguar: Zack Rockwell    Triumph:  Bob Byers
Treasurer’s report:  by Katie Costanzo
Katie announced the expenses, income and balances to the members, we are in the black.
Correspondence:   Kim Mercer    
Elk Grove HS has a car show on May 7 for $20
Bear Band and Ride on May 18, 19 in Stockton
Triumph Standard Newsletter   STTOA
California Auto Museum request for us to join them with a club membership.  Club held a vote and approved $250 expense.  New director at the museum, lots of changes coming in the marketing of the museum.
Editors Report:  Tony Pantoja asked for articles for the newsletter.   Many positive comments about the results.
Ongoing Business:   Report from Carl Agnew on ACCC.  3 bills that might happen, one that would make cars up to 1989 free from smog.  One that adds to the gas tax to fix roads. 
Drive in the Delta, April 30th (Beni Feil).  Great drive, 18 cars and 29 people attended.  A little windy but cool and beautiful views of the river and islands.   Great lunch at the mid-point and a stop for ice cream also!  The discussion of the restoration of the mansion and visit to the iron art place was great.    PS:  Jerry and Katie got 32.4 mpg on the run
New Business:

  1. Grapes of Wrath:  June 4th (Kim Mercer).  Great wineries picked for the drive.  Some of the wineries will charge for tasting, that is something you decide if you want to pay at each stop.  Some English guy started talking, couldn’t understand a word he said.
  2. Volcano Theater- June 11th, Kim and Ian.  Tickets are now all paid for, if you still want to attend, you have to get tickets on your own.  These plays are usually great. 
  3. Rivercats game on August 13th, 2016 (Zack Rockwell speaks…) Blah, blah , blah.  Sent new email out to get more attendance, $32 for tickets, you need to sign up before June 7th. Where we park your car, we will have security while we watch the game.  Buy your own food at the game.  CALL ZACK for more.
  4. Run to the Caves on August 20, 2016-  Tony Pantoja-   More to come later
  5. Jim Messineo Teddy Bear Run, Sept 17th, (Zack Rockwell)-  Light on money, please donate for the Children’s receiving home.  Need at least 3500, now at $2282. 
  6. 2016 Capitol Carrera (May 14/15th)-  Bad Scheduling with our car show but should be a good run to Yosemite.  Bill and Annabelle are going.
  7. New Club events-Jim Davis to do an event in October, Dan Rodriguez brought up the Sept 10 cruise with the Museum. Details on the museum’s website.
  8. Oilspots articles (Tony Pantoja) Please write something and submit it to Tony!

Dixon All British Motoring Show:  May 15th, sign up to help, be there.    Jerry Costanzo
Regalia:  Beni Feil-  Lots of stuff brought to the meeting for sale.  Stay after to look it over. 
For the good of the Club:  June 18th, Ken Freese asked that we mention this home tour, (with vintage cars) at the meeting.  ???
Website has a cheap MGB 1976 on the site for $3500. 
Auburn Cruise night has started again for the summer.  Should be the 2nd Friday night each month (May – Sept).  Check out the website and attend!
Next UBSCC meeting is June 7, 2016 at Mimi’s café.
Adjourned at 8 pm. 


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