Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

United British Sports Car Club
UBSCC Meeting Minutes - September, 2015
Attendees 30

President Mike Rapoza opened the meeting at 7:00pm by introducing the
officers, all were present, except Kim Mercer who was excused.
New guests: No new guests were present.
Reading of the minutes was approved as posted in Oilspots. A correction was
indicated and approved to reflect that Dennis is 78 and not 79. “So Sorry”….
Appointed Positions: Ken Montgomery, Bill Pugh, Pat Galvin, Bob Byers and Ian Kernot missing in action.
Partsmasters: Jerry Costanzo, Chuck Baker, Zack Rockwell and Rich Thomas were in attendance.
Treasurers report: Katie read the balances out to the membership
Correspondence: Mike Hash, had received Ye Old Valve and Clatter, and the Triumph Standard. McCormicks Plam
Springs Collector Car Auction is 10-20 thru 10-21-15. Napa Valley Museum Oktoberfest & Car Show is 10-03-15. Clovis
British Car Round Up & Tour is 09-26 thru 09-27-15. And last Blackhawk Museum hosting all British Car show with a
maximum of 120 cars.
Editors Report: Tony Pantoja indicated nothing new.
Ongoing Business: Carl read out a lot of stuff that is going on, please check your email for newsletter from ACCC
Old Business: Auburn Cruise night held on 08-14-15 was attended by Jerry & Katie Costanzo and Lance Gelming with
their TR3’s all had a wonderful time. The annual Mini Golf Tournament/lunch was held on 08-29-14 with 18 members
attending. A larger number of “hole-in-ones” were made but unfortunately no one bought beer. With great dignity Zack
relinquished is title of “Mini Golf Champion” to Mike Rapoza, 2nd place went to Michael Hash, with Katie, Marisa and Matt
coming in third. Lunch was held at Sterling’s Bridge Pub with “Winston Churchill” overseeing the activities making sure
we were all up to par. Zack liked the room so much that he took multiple pictures to make himself a “Man Cave”, wonder
if Winston will be hanging in his cave!
New Business: Mike Rapoza went through our event schedule and it is posted at in this newsletter. Mike
also mentioned at next month’s meeting nominations for officers.
Regalia: Pat Galvin was not present
For the good of the club: Anthony Pantoja standing in for our “Grand Pooh-Bah Ian Kernot” presented Tom & Paula
McEvilly with matching “chicken necklaces” for a double car breakdown after the Dixon Car Show. Walden Williams is
researching 3D Printing for parts.
Meeting was ajourned
Minutes respectfully submitted by Marisa Hash for Kim Mercer.


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