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Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

Date/Time: August 2, 2022; 7:00 PM
Meeting Location:   Brookfields Restaurant, Rancho Cordova
Presiding over Meeting:  Pat Galvin         _20_ Members in Attendance plus 4 members on ZOOM
Roll Call of Officers


President:  Katie Owens (absent)


Vice-President:  Steve Rudy


Treasurer:  Katie Costanzo (absent)


Secretary:  Dave Underwood (absent)

Katie O. is sick.  Pat Galvin presided over the meeting. 
New Member:__                                                             Car:                                                       
Reading of the minutes from the last regular meeting held July 5, 2022
Motion passed to approve the minutes:     X  As posted in the August 2022 Oilspots
___ As posted on Web    ___As Corrected
Roll Call:
Appointed Positions


Editor:  Pat Galvin (and Kim Mercer)


Regalia:  Dale Nichols


Webmaster:  Ken Montgomery


Historian:  Bob Byers


Communications:  Mike Rapoza


Dixon Chair:  Jerry Costanzo


ACCC:  Ken Freese


Grand Pooh-Bah:  Rich Thomas

Parts Masters


Austin-Healey:  Jerry Costanzo


Jaguar:  Zack Rockwell


Morris:  vacant


Jensen-Healey:  Matthew Schug


MG:  Robert Rinker


Triumph:  Bob Byers


Rootes Group:  Chuck Baker


Morgan:  Tim Waller


Jensen Interceptor:  Ken Freese



Treasurer’s Report:  Katie Costanzo  
We had only $65 in expenses last month.  Nothing else to report. 
Other Items: Club Insurance – to be addressed next meeting.
Correspondence:  Steve Rudy
We did not receive any noteworthy correspondence this month.
Editors Report:  Pat Galvin and Kim Mercer
Pat congratulated Kim on another great newsletter and asked the membership for articles and photos of what they are working on or trips they are taking in their LBCs.  Kim provided great photos of a car event she and Ian attended in England, which was fun to see. 
Ongoing Business:

  • The Freese Legislative Update – Ken Freese – Ken reported that bills discussed last month went to the appropriations committee and he will have more info next month.
  • Regalia Update – Dale Nichols  - Dale reported that we still have more than 100 garments in stock and he can special order whatever folks want.  Just need to ask him.
  • Dixon Car Show May 22, 2022 Update – Jerry (not in attendance) – not discussed. 

Old Business:

  • Event planning for the rest of 2022.  Calendar completed.  It was posted in the Oilspots.  Some Calendar updates and discussion included:




August 28, 2022
9:30 AM start -

Bodywork/metal work tech session at Costanzo shop – RSVP required

Katie and Jerry Costanzo, Tony Pantoja

September 23/24, 2022

Ironstone Car Show in Murphys

Pat Galvin

October 1, 2022

Costanzo Drive

Katie and Jerry Costanzo

October 15, 2022

Mandarins Tour

Tim Waller/Alice Gentry

October 22, 2022

Alternative date, Mandarins Tour

Tim Waller/Alice Gentry

October 29, 2022

Halloween Rally

Tony Pantoja and Mary

November 12, 2022

Breakfast Get-together

Katie and Jerry Costanzo

December 6, 2022

Christmas Banquet

UBSCC Officers

New Business:

  •  Sunday August 28 9:30 AM start:  Bodywork and metal work Tech Session – Jerry Costanzo and Tony Pantoja.  Sign up tonight.  RSVP required.  Tony explained that we’ll do some welding, shrinking, stretching, hammer and dolly work, and maybe some sanding, bondo, and painting too. 
  • Pat announced that the Grapes of Wrath will not be held this season. 

Grand Poohbah (Rich Thomas)
Rich did not have any Grand Poohbah awards this month, but he announced that he and Pat are engaged and he will soon be selling his house and moving to Nevada City.  He will have to curtail his participation in the club (due to distance) and will be handing off the Grand Poohbah role to someone new. 

For the Good of the Club

  • Tim Waller mentioned a fun drive on December 26th (Boxing Day drive) that starts in Sonoma.  A tour through the countryside and surely some good eats too.  Not just for British cars.
  • Tim also mentioned that there was a Saturday Cars and Coffee at the Milagro Shopping Center.  Ken Montgomery said he thought that it had been moved to the CA Auto Museum.  If interested, contact Ken or Tim.
  • Zack said Hot August Nights is going on now through Sunday and there is an auction at the Grand Sierra Resort that is a lot of fun.  He and other Reno Car Club members are driving across the podium with the cars for auction
  • Zack invited members to the Reno British Car Club first show on October 15th.  He said they are nice folks and he hoped some members could make the trek.
  • The Ferndale show is on September 11th.  The city is welcoming.  Previous members Kelly and Tony Martinis attend this every year and rave about it. 
  • The Niello Concours de Elegance this year will be on October 2, 2022 and will be “Celebrating the British Marques”.   Entry deadline is end of August. 
  • Via ZOOM, Bill and Annabelle announced that they will be at Ironstone this year – this is about their 20th time to participate.  They also said that they will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary and will have cake, so stop by and see them. 
  • Dave Lawson showed a wood part from the door of his MG.  Due to enlarged wood screw holes, he demonstrated how threaded inserts could be used (furniture hardware) and then you could use a machine screw to attach the door hardware. 
  • Via ZOOM, Joe Cain offered his house for a club get-together and was hoping another club member would be able to sponsor a drive and then he would open his home for member visits (and maybe lunch?).
  • Via ZOOM, Kim and Ian said hello to all.  And Kim recommended that we look into better AV equipment so that ZOOM members can hear better and so they can participate in the call (via speakers).  Pat will look into this (and consult Ken). 

The meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM
Next Meeting Date/Location:  Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 7:00 PM at Brookfields Restaurant, Rancho Cordova

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