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Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

United British Sports Car Club
Meeting Minutes - February 3, 2015
BJ’s - Arden Fair Mall
Folks in attendance 38

President Mike Rapoza called the meeting to not much order at 7:14pm.  BJ’s was loud! 

Role call of officers: All were present

New Guests:  None, however we had a member arrive for his first club meeting, Eric with a Healey and he has a Bugeye which is a project car.  Welcome Eric!

Reading of the Minutes:  Approved as posted in Oilspots

Appointed Positions:  Carl Agnew was the only one missing tonight

PartsMasters:  Mac Sawhill was the only one missing tonight

Treasurers Report:  We couldn’t here Katie at all, we have money she said.

Correspondence:  We received YeOl Valve & Clatter, a Show N Shine with Aircraft at Eagles Nest Airport, Saturday May 30th, 7 - 4am,  Maxwell Classic Car Show, Maxwell High school, Saturday May 16, Flash & Flair atomic 50’s and 60’s showing at the California Auto Museum Feb 14 - June 7.

Editors report:  No Tony tonight to give a report, however, it was brought to the attention of the membership and all appreciate how good a job he is doing with our newsletter, thank you TONY!

Ongoing Business:  ACCC - Carl was not here tonight to give a report

Old Business:  Christmas in January.. what a turn out, what a feast, enjoyed by everyone, great event, thank you to the Rapoza’s to open up their well set up party house!  Snell Foundation Tour, organized by Tim Waller, there were about 18 people for the tour and everyone really enjoyed the facility and the information was so interesting, a great day out.  Dues are due, dues are due, if you want to be in the club roster.. send them in fast!

New Business:  Possibility of changing meeting location:  If anyone wants to look for a new venue for us, criteria needed is: separate rom, accommodate up to 40 people, available 1st Tuesday of month, adequate parking and good variety of food.  Let any of the board members know your ideas.

Saturday Feb 7th.. Breakfast run, suggested places, Fox n Goose, Tower Café and Venita Rheas
Saturday 21st - Go Kart racing at K-1 11am start, and lunch after, call President Mike Raposa
Saturday Feb 29th 4pm, Car show meeting  to stuff and stamp show flyers - Costanzo house in Loomis
March 6,7,8, Snow Train to Reno event, call Katie Costanzo for details
March 14, St. Patricks Day Parade, Old Sac, Mike R will send out details soon, meet time is 11am, parade time is 1pm.
March 28, April Fools Rally - Mike R and Mike H to put on.. watch for emails with details
Spring rally - drive to somewhere - pick a date, pick a place
April 18th Sportscars LTD annual car show, 10 - 2, come on and join us for lunch
May 2nd  Drive to The University of California, Davis Arboretum - it is an approximately 100-acre arboretum along the banks of the old north channel of Putah Creek on the south side of the University of California, Davis campus in Davis Marisa Hash - Watch for details - lunch after at Broderick Inc.. an AWESOME burger joint
May 15 - Stuff it 6m at Zack’s house
May 16 1pm Field set up at Dixon
May 17th Show, Dixon… crack of dawn


Regalia: Zack was helping pick colors for car show shirts

For the good of the club:  Mike had no voice left by this time trying to be heard over the din.  BJ’s was not the best place for a meeting, but at least we had a gathering and you could chat to your table!

See you at Mimi’s in March!

Respectfully submitted by Kim Mercer, Secretary

PS:  Does anyone want to try out a pole?  Still new ?   Tony Pantoja can do the welding for you, please Call Kim if interested.

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