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United British Sports Car Club
UBSCC Meeting Minutes - March 3, 2015
Members in Attendance 32

President Mike Rapoza called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Roll call of officers - All present
New Guests: None
Reading of the minutes was approved by the membership as posted in the Oilspots

Appointed Positions: All in attendance

Parts Masters:  Jim Grace, Mac Sawhill were not in attendance

Treasurers Report:  Katie gave a summary of checks and balances to the membership present.

Correspondence: VP Mike Hash received a notice about a show at Antelope Center High School April 4th, $25 entry.  A Show in Sutter Creek July 18th put on by the Knights of Columbus 9-3.

Editors report:  Tony thanks all the members for your help with Articles, we had one in March from Pat Galvin on his resurrection of “Gwinneth” and Zack made a contribution with a good column too.  So please help out and keep them coming.

Ongoing Business:  Carl Agnew gave us an update on the latest going on at the ACCC, see your email for in detail information.

Old Business:  Tim Waller gave a quick report o the Snell tour in January, it was very interesting and all who attended had a good visit.

Venita Rhea’s breakfast was as always a huge success and lots of people must have been hungry, 18 of you showed up!

K-1 Speed Go cart racing was fun, Ken Freese was dethroned by Bob Collins, however all who participated had a good time.

Dixon:  Looking for one person to man the club booth, Rich Thomas needs an extra driver to take a car t the show.  Next meeting is April 19th at Rich and Bonnie’s  House 4pm

New Business:  Some members would like a change of venue for our monthly meetings. If you think you have somewhere in mind, please let Mike Rapoza or one of the board members know.

Snow train to Reno is all set to go, shows booked, restaurants booked, train and hotel covered.

St. Paddies Day Parade is in Old Sacramento, Sat 14th, sign up sheet went around the room, check your email boxes for a reminder to sign up.  Great fish Taco’s at Swabbies after the parade.

April Fools Rally, Mike and Mike are putting this one on.. RULES:  You have to wear a funny hat, that is driver and passenger.  One of the people in the car, must wear miss matched socks.  And that won’t be the last of the silly things they have come up with along the route. 

Some new events coming up:

May 2nd - Run to the Davis Arboritum - Meet at the old Eppie’s in West Sacramento 9:30, and plan on having the best burger in town at Broderick Inc in West Sac on the way back home.  We will have a sign up sheet going around at the April meeting and a flyer in the email shortly.

April 11 - Reef’s Garage and Museum in Woodland, $7.00 per person, meet at CA Auto Museum at 10am; we will drive the back road to woodland, do our tour and then proceed via backloads to Winters for a great lunch at Puta Creek Restaurant

June 6 - Drive down the river road through the delta sponsored by Beni - Details will follow

June 20 - Ken Freese is putting on a nice long day of driving calling it the Sorenson’s Run, going via Mormon trail, Omo Ranch Road 88/50.  Details to follow.

Regalia:  Zack has all the new stuff in, but not badges, he says they are coming.  He has new windbreakers, shirts and new hats.

For the Good of the Club:  California Auto Museum are hosting Sacramento beer week - Great Event.  They are currently hosting “Flash and Flair” the cars are absolutely exquisite; don’t miss going to check these beauties out.

GOF - Rohnert Park - MG club is helping put this show on and Beni was asking if any of our members will be going.

West Sac Cruise N News has a 64 MGB for sale, has a new engine and 3 transmissions!

Walden met an old member Ed Gough, who has been rather ill, he is ok now and donated a fabulous box of old books for club members.

ACCC and California Auto membership need to be paid.  It was put to a vote and membership voted to renew both, pay for Carl Agnew’s conference attendance and donate $1,000 to the CA Auto Museum.

The Snowball Rally has been moved from April to May 16th, which is the day before our show, so I don’t think anyone will be attending this year.

Zack is running a column every month and needs you help, email him any funnies you find

Grand Pooba stated that driving season is upon us and if you want to snitch on someone, please feel free to call him!

Katie had the new rosters printed

Walden wanted to know if anyone was going to show in Weed, he would ride up with you.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kim Mercer


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