Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

United British Sports Car Club Minutes
Mimi’s Café
April 1, 2014

37 Members in attendance

President Mike Rapoza kicked off the meeting at 7:02 pm.

Roll call of Officers: All present
New Guests: Mary McMullen came to see us tonight (That’s Bonnie Thomas’ mom)

Reading of the minutes were approved as read in the Oilspots.

Appointed Positions: All present
Parts Masters: only Tony martinis and Mac Sawhill missing

Treasurer’s Report:  Katie read to the members the income and expenses for the month, mostly due to the upcoming car show.

Correspondence:  Mike Hash received ye ol valve & clatter and the ACCC sent a thank you letter to the club thanking us for our dues.

Editors Report:  All doing good, please keep the good articles coming.

Ongoing Business: Carl Agnew gave us an update on ACCC happenings, make sure you check your email for the ACCC Newsletter.

Old Business
St. Patricks Day Parade, we had 7 lovely cars in the parade. Janine Rapoza got caught throwing stuff out the car to the crowd and got the stink eye from one of the parade officials!  New member Ed brought his beautiful red TR4, we think it was his first event with the club.  Swabbies for lunch was well worth the wait, we had a good spot in the parade, got out early and enjoyed the sunshine.  Beautiful day.

April Fools Rally, great route, lots of good driving roads and great scenery, we had 12 cars and 24 people.  We went through El Dorado Hills, Plymouth, Fiddletown, Somerset, Fairplay and ended up in Placerville…. We saw a LOT of California in one day!  Jim Davis won the best poker hand.  Then he was one of the top three, all with the same number of correct answers, so the three did Rochambeau….. Winner was Zack, Second was the Hash’s third was Jim Davis and his daughter.  The food was great at the restaurant, all enjoyed the day.

New Business:
This Sunday is the Sacramento Underground tour put on by Stephanie Pantoja
We received a letter from K-1 Speedway to see if we had an interest in a “show and shine” at the facility.  We had a good group that would like to do that, so Mike R will give them a call for available dates.
Make sure you check the website for all the newest activities on the events page.

Dixon Car show:
Next meeting is 4/27 at the Costanzo’s house 4pm

Regalia:  Zack had nothing new

For the Good of the club:  Mike Singleton addressed the group about his upcoming show and shine at his shop, date is 4/12 about 10am, he will serve lunch and everyone can have a good chat about their latest feats of greatness with their little LBC’s.

Zack is racing at Sears Point Sat/Sun May 6 weekend if anyone wants to go watch.

Bill Pugh said Sat April 5th there will be a caravan of Cushman motorcycles scheduled to parade down in Isleton at 11am.

Was there a chicken offence?  Ian got up, told his story, whined a lot and eventually after stretching it out, turned it over to the membership to vote whether or not he qualified to receive the chicken award.  The vote of the membership was almost even, however, more did side on the Yes vote, so the chicken has found a new home at the Kernot residence (again!)

Secondly, and sad to say, Marisa Hash is now the second person that had a run in with a deer in British car.  Thank goodness both parties were not injured, although their cars were not too good.  Being the UBSCC and never likely to let such a thing go.  A special award was made, compliments of Mr. Costanzo and Ian presented to Tony Pantoja the “Royal order of the Gold Antler Award” for hitting a deer on his way to Jerry’s house to help fix Ian’s car.  Then Tony turned around and awarded Mike Hash (Marisa not at meeting) the plaque for being the second one to fall victim to hitting a deer.

The best part of the story, realized that weekend…… then it was a good story to tell at the Sacramento Underground tour,  I asked, where did Jerry get the antler.. Jerry said he was walking out of the barn and scared the s…t out of the buck who tried to escape but got the antler stuck in the fence and tore it off.  A friend of Kim and Ian’s lives down the street from Jerry, so we were telling him about the Antler award and how the deer came to loose the antler.  Our friend just laughed and said, “I have seen that buck with one antler in the back yard”… small world.  So obviously the deer with one antler is doing well, better than his buddies who were not so lucky getting of being hit by a little LBC’s!

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Kim Mercer, Secretary



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