Meeting Minutes

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United British Sports Car Club Minutes
Mimi’s Café
September 2, 2014

Members in Attendance 32

Meeting was called to order by President Mike Rapoza @ 7pm

All offices were present

New Guests: Dan Rodriquez - Black TR3 - 1958 just bought from CA Auto Museum, Steve who has a Jensen Interceptor and Bob Greenslade who has a 1958 Austin Healey 100-6, Greg Loftus came to the meeting, it was his second adventure!  Greg has a TR4

Reading of the minutes were approved as posted in the oilspots

Appointed Positions, everyone in attendance other than our webmaster Ken Montgomery who was playing around at burning man!

Partsmasters, Jim Grace, Tony Martinis and Mac Sawhill were not in attendance

Treasurer’s report: There was no business conducted in August, we are in the black still.

Correspondence: 9/27 Napa Valley Museum Car Show in Yountville, CA $20 per car, 10/12, Carmichael Park Highland event, 11am - 4pm, please RSVP to Kim if you plan on attending.

Editors report: Tony asked if everyone is enjoying Oilspots and he got a resounding round of applause!  Any articles, please send them!

Ongoing Business: ACCC report given by Carl Agnew, for a detailed rendition, please check your email box

Old Business:  Delta Wine and Produce event, Tom, Paula and Walden went on the excursion, they really enjoyed it and Tom said he will host the event for the club next year.  Well worth the experience, it was fun.

Volcano Theatre event: lovely evening out, we had to really squeeze in because I think they oversold tickets, we all managed to fit here and there and have a good time, the play was a little rusty, more practice needed, but that is what you get with amateurs!  Robin Hood will never be the same!

New Business:  Grass valley run is this weekend Sept 6, put on by Katie the rally planner and Kim the lunch planner!  See you there.  Auburn Cruise night, last one is Sept 12th, it’s a biggie, get their early.  The Jim Messineo Teddy Bear Run will be Sat, Sept 13th, Zack is putting this on, 9:30 meet 3820 Auburn Blvd, we will be at the Children’s receiving home at 10: 00 am.  All British  Car Show at Morgan Hill Sept 13-14, Triumphest, Thurs Sept 25-28, Santa Maria, CA;  Ironstone Vineyards Concours d’Elegance, Sat, Sept 27th, drive to colfax winery & BBQ is delayed due to an early harvest, watch your email for new details.  Jim Davis and Tony Pantoja putting on a drive October 18th with a BBQ on the lakes in Rancho Murietta, watch your email for details.  November 1 will be the Halloween Rally.

Dues Discussion:  We had a good discussion on dues, we put them up last year and not everyone was happy about it, we had our reasons, which were all out on the table.  Too cut a long story short, we have decided to take them back to $30 for 2015

Regalia:  Zack hurt his back, he had no news for us

For the good of the club: Mike Rapoza asked if we all wanted to do Rudy’s Hideaway again for Christmas banquet, he got a resounding yes, so we will be there December 2nd

Nominations for new officers will be held in November

Carl Agnew saw 2 mini’s on Craig’s list, and a 2006 lotus Elise, 17,500, 38K

Jerry has now got 5 people interested in his project car, drawing to be held soon!

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary, Kim Mercer

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