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United British Sports Car Club
UBSCC Meeting Minutes - August, 2015
Members in Attendance 29

Attendees 29
President Mike Rapoza opened the meeting at 7:00pm by introducing the officers, all were present.

New guests: were neighbors of Bill and Anabelle, Scottie and Jan Reading of the minutes was approved as posted in Oilspots

Appointed Positions: Tony Pantoja, Robert Byers and Pat Galvin were
missing in action.

Partsmasters: only Jerry, Zack and Rich Thomas were in attendance.

Treasurers report: Katie read the balances out to the membership

Correspondence: Mike had received Ye Old Valve and Clatter, on 8/28 there is the Lodi grape festival and car show
$10 per car. Also on 9/19 Blackhawk museum are hosting an all British car show, maximum cars allowed 120. We also
received the Triumph Standard.

Editors Report: None this month

Ongoing Business: Carl read out a lot of stuff that is going on, please check your email for newsletter from ACCC

Old Business: Mini Mania was in Nevada June 6. Jerry went and said it was mostly new mini’s this year.
Grapes of Wrath took place on June 14.. all had fun on the adventure. MG GOF in Rohnert Park was June 14 - 19th.
Tigers United in S. Lake Tahoe took place June 18 - 21, Mike Rapoza attended. Jeanine beat Mike in the autocross coming
in second, and did it in second gear only!!! Ask Mike how much smoke came off his clutch!!! Come on Jeanine..
we challenge you for next year to learn how to drive a stick shift! July 4th and Tom and Paula’s was fabulous, we love
McEvilly Gardens and the BBQ was terrific and the desert table was not to be beat! Auburn Cruise night is still very
popular, Beni hosted a Theatre night, Beni was not here to report, however the Thomas’ and Reidy’s had a fabulous time
and didn’t stop laughing though out the performance!

New Business: Mike proposed an idea for an event to 7 artesian’ s winery and either jelly belly or Budweiser for a tour.
Watch your email for date and details.

Mike Rapoza went through our event schedule and it is posted and in this newsletter
Regalia: Pat Galvin was not present

For the good of the club: If anyone has any ideas for the next car show logo.. maybe a Beatles theme? It was Dennis
Reidy’s 79th birthday tonight.. Happy Birthday Dennis.

California Auto Museum had a TD for say and a Rolls Royce, maybe a TR6 coming up. The CA Auto museum had 400
cars at their cruise, there were a few British cars in the mix. They said if you had a big enough turnout in your club, you
would have your own parking spot in the event.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kim Mercer, Secretary


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