Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

UBSCC Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2015
Mimi’s Café, Alta Arden Way, Sacramento
Members in Attendance 29

President Mike Rapoza opened up the meeting at 7pm.  All officers were present.

New Member John Brennan joined us this evening, he has a lotus…. That’s good, we have a spot open in our Partsmasters position… so John, thank you for volunteering!

The minutes from October were approved as posted in the Oilspots

Appointed Positions: Pat Galvin, Regalia chair was missing tonight

Partsmasters: Jerry, Zack, Rich, Bob, and John Brennan were present

Treasurers Report: Katie read the balances, expenses and income for the month to the membership

Correspondence: Vice President Mike Hash presented the Ye Ol Valve and Clattre and The Triumph standard.  There is a swap meet in Turlock Jan 30 and 31st, (50th annual) put on by the Modesto Area A’s.  contact Burta Herger for info 209-892-3301

Editor’s report:  Tony needs articles for the Christmas issue.. how about some older funny Christmas cards or photos??

Ongoing Business:  Carl updated us all on the ACCC happenings.  It was requested that Carl send out the ACCC newsletter to Bill Pugh to distribute to the membership

Old Business:
Triumphest in San Diego Oct 8 - 11.  Dan Sendek went, but was not at the meeting to report.

Combined event, a drive on the Delta with CVBCC on Sat Oct 17th  WAS GREAT, what a turn out, nice group of people from the Modesto area and they had some great cars.  We had a good lunch at Al the Wops followed up by some heading to Bogle and the Sugar Mill…

Ken Freese’s run to Sorenson’s resort, Saturday October 24th was a great day out, long beautiful drive, a bit chilly once you got there, it was quite high up and some were wearing shorts!  , lunch was a little later than planned due to an ongoing wedding.  All really enjoyed the run, thanks Ken for putting it on.

Halloween Rally… Wow.. we got creative!  This was Kyle and Katie Owens’ first rally and they did a fantastic job, the turnout was great, 32 folks.. Costumes were hilarious, drive was great and we ended up at the Slough house for lunch.  Great day out.   Winners of the Rally, by math were…… believe it or not.. Adam and Eve, oh we mean Kim and Ian…  close as the skin on your teeth were Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, oh.. Jerry and Katie and third were Farmers… Buffed Boyce and D… congrats everyone.  The winning costume was the Earl of Sandwich… AKA Tony Pantoja, second was our own real nurse Annabelle in the costume her mom made her for nursing school and third was Eve.  Great job Katie and Kyle.

New Business: CAM donation to rebuild a TR3, Jerry called Carley to get details, Carley is making a list of what it needs to fix it and will let us know by December so we can take a vote on amount then.

Welding Tech session was very popular and they had to cut off attendees at 20.  They will do another session for the rest of the people who couldn’t co to this one.

Breakfast and Drive, Saturday, Nov 7.  We voted to go to Castle Oaks Golf Course for breakfast

Christmas Tree Trimming at the CA Auto museum is Sunday Nov 29th.  Watch email for further details

Nominations for club officers for 2016  voting will take place at the December Banquet, per the bylaws, which apparently we were not correctly following.  Nominations are:  Treasurer Katie Costanzo, Secretary Katie Owens… now that could cause some confusion, two Katie’s!  Vice President , Kim Mercer, President, Pat Gavin and Miss Beni volunteered to do regalia and we think she will do a great job.. Thank you Beni.

Review of events for remainder of the year, December Banquet is Tuesday Dec 1,, Rapoza’s  (Proud new Grandparents) will host our Christmas in January party.. thank you, we love your party house.

Dixon All British Motoring Show will be held on May 15th

Next meeting will be at Rudy’s Hideaway.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary Kim Mercer… over and out… my last set of minutes and Katie O will take good care of you!


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