Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

UBSCC Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2014
Mimi’s Café, Alta Arden Way, Sacramento - 33 members in attendance

President Mike Rapoza opened the meeting at 7pm with the roll call of officers, all were present

New Guests: Gunner brought his friend who was visiting from Sweden, he has a TR6: also Peter Foss paid us a visit, he has been in the area about 5 months.

Motion to approve October minutes was approved as posted in the Oilspots.

Appointed Positions:  Everyone was in attendance tonight.

Partsmasters: Jim Grace, Tony Martinis and Mac Sawhill were not present.

Treasurers Report: Katie gave us the starting balance, ending balance and Teddy Bear has $255.87

Correspondence: Vice President Mike Hash read the mail received, Ye Ol Valve & Clatter, and Event Sun Dec 7 for Shriners put on by Eurosunday,  California Auto Museum are hosting their annual tree decorating event on November 27th.  McCormics are hosing their annual auction in Palm Springs Nov 21 - 23.  Sacramento Valley MG club are again putting on the GOF event, June 14 - 19th in Rohnert Park.

Editor’s Report:  Tony did a great job with the Veterans Issue.  However, he is running out of ideas fast and needs your help and input with particles, pictures, jokes… please don’t be shy, send him something!

Ongoing Business:  Carl Agnew gave us a good rundown of what ACCC is up too, read your full newsletter from ACCC in your email.

Old Business:  Mama Pat’s lasagna run in October did not disappoint.  The drive was great, Jim did a great job, as did Pat with three wonderful lasagna’s that we graciously devoured!  We all enjoyed hanging out in their lovely back yard and drinking all their wine… thank you, wonderful day.

Halloween Rally: Tony and Bob put on another great event, this time roaming around the southern part of Sacramento into Wilton.  20 of us showed up in full costume and had a good time.  We ended up at lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse which we all enjoyed.  Tony Pantoja won the costume contest as a mean looking Viking, followed up by Katie and Jerry in clown costumes.  The Rally was won by Boyce Baldwin and second place was Kyle and Katie. 

New Business: Christmas Dinner @ Rudy’s Hideaway, Dec 2 6pm.. Happy hour ends at 6, so if you want to get in on that, get there early!  If you have any items you would like to donate to the raffle, bring them with you!  Notices have gone out in the mail.

California Auto Museum car club tree trim Sun, Nov 30th 2 - 6

Dixon Car planning meeting - watch your email, Jerry will send out an invitation

Mike R and Ken F are thinking of putting on a K1 Go-kart racing, Mike will send out a date

Tim Waller mentioned an event to the Snell building, two dates were announced and January 24th was picked, they can take 30 people in 2 groups and its 3 hours per tour.  If interested, please check in with President Mike Rapoza.

November 22nd - Breakfast and Drive… watch your emails for further details

Christmas in January party will be hosted by the Rapoza’s again this year, such a great party house!  Saturday, January 3 4pm meeting, 5pm party on!  Bring your goodies wrapped to charm for the gift exchange!!

Snow train to Reno will be early March

Nominations for Club officers were all approved:  Secretary is Kim Mercer, Treasurer is Katie Costanzo, Vice President is Mike Hash and President is Mike Rapoza… give your board a well deserved applause!

Dues are due for 2015, notices in the mail

Dixon Show this year is May 18.  Jerry got some good ideas so they are with the graphics person trying to get them in print.

Regalia:  Zack is ordering new shirts and they will be available at the Christmas Banquet, he is also ordering more heavy jackets

For The Good of the Club:  Tony and Bob are officially hanging up their hats from putting on both the April Fools Rally and Halloween Rally, they have done this for a multitude of years and now they would like someone else to take a turn so they can be participants.  Kyle and Katie immediately volunteered for Halloween… game on, you should see their son and daughter in law’s costumes… serious competitors!  SO… we need a volunteer to take over the April Fools Rally please.  Let us know.

Katie heard from Jim Grace, other than being pretty isolated with no drivers license,  is doing great, he has a new email address so if you would like to drop him a line, he would love to hear from you.  We hope to see him at the Christmas Banquet, Bob and Sherry Byers offered him a ride, so I am sure he will love to catch up with you all.

Also, we reported in last months minutes that we had no UBSCC members attend the Triumphest this year, Ed Yates kindly responded and registered at the event as a club member, so thank you Ed for letting us know.  Ed won awards for the longest distance driven and a Gold.  Congratulations Ed!

Lance Gillman is now the proud owner of the TR4 that is in boxes, he is excited to start his new venture.

Directors insurance cost was presented to the group and a motion for a $1Million policy with a $1,000 deductible was approved to be put in place by the membership.

The director of the CA Auto Museum is looking for some consultants to help them access British Cars and also to ask your valued opinion about what you like at the museum, what can be changed to improve and any new ideas on how they can attract a younger crowd.  Please contact the Museum if you would like to help.

Chicken time…… long story, you needed to be there to enjoy the twists and turns of the Grand Pooba’s thinking.  Briefly, current Chicken holder witnessed a chicken offense on the Lasagna run and taunted the possible new chicken holder by cruising past the vehicle raising the chicken as he went past…. Due to the taunting, the grand poobah kept the chicken in current hands!


Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary, Kim Mercer


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