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President's Message

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.    – Anne Wilson Schaef

Hello UBSCC!

The big news around here is that I have something in common with the other president – Joe Biden!!  COVID came to call at our house, too!  I think I opened the door to it while attending Honey’s aunt’s memorial service in Portland, Oregon.  We were in large groups three times, including those germ carriers – children – and nary a mask was seen.  I think I had one stuffed in my purse but never brought it out; on the plane, or at any of the family gatherings.

I have to say after one week, I feel lucky that due to being vaccinated it is a “light” case.  Aside from a nasty cough, head cold symptoms, and being SO TIRED, it hasn’t been too bad.  I rest, am better, and rest some more.
Honey has stepped up to kitchen duties with excellent results.  His culinary efforts have been superb.  First, the chef-for-a-week prepared a Spanish omelet (aka tortilla) with potatoes, onion and eggs.  Next up, was pasta with a mild Italian sausage sauce, served with baked broccoli florets, followed by stuffed pork chops and homemade applesauce the next night.  Honey says, poached wild-caught salmon with new potatoes, carrots and dill is on the menu for tonight.   Yum and Bravo!  I think I might stay a little sick a bit longer….!!

I sleep upstairs in our daughter’s old bedroom.  Bonny joins me and is great company.  I filled some time watching Endeavor on my laptop.  Honey isn’t fond of it, so it is perfect for my time “resting.” Endeavor is a PBS British mystery series about a young inspector Morse in Oxford in the 1960s.  The LBCs are everywhere.  Big ones too! 

Lastly, the deed is done.  The TR3 now has new/old plates attached!  The new registration stickers, with add-on frames for the month and year, arrived as advertised. Honey took the car out for a drive to show it off.

Stay well, and hope to see you soon.
Your Prez,
Katie O

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