President's Message

May 2016

May is nearly here and spring is in full bloom in sunny Sacramento.
Diane and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather, thankful for the occasional
rain storms, and trying countless new remedies to fight the pollen
and stave off our allergies. We are in Phoenix right now, celebrating our
youngest’s 21st birthday. Kids are so funny these days. I know the last
people I wanted to hang with when I turned 21 were my mom and dad!
Alas, we are extremely thankful that our children still find us interesting!
This is a very busy time for the club. Beni Feil has been super busy with purchasing and organizing regalia for the show and for members. Beni has a wonderful selection of garments and some very cool grille badges for

We have our upcoming show – Jerry and Katie and a large contingent of volunteers are tirelessly preparing
us for the largest British Car Event in Nor Cal. Make sure you’ve completed your car entrant sign-up! As of
April 22nd, we have 172 cars signed up. If you haven’t signed up for a volunteer slot already, please contact
Jerry (or come to the early May meeting) and offer your talents to help make the show a success.

There will be a show goodie bag “stuff it” event on Friday night May 13th, 6:00 pm, Tom and Paula McEvilly
are planning to host the stuff it, 217 44 Street, Sacramento, Ca. 95819. And of course we have show
setup on Saturday afternoon 1:00 pm, May 14th at the Dixon Fairgrounds. Please come out and help. Mike
Rapoza and I were anointed Parking Czars this year so look for us out in the moist grass at Dixon with our reflective
vests, bright orange scepters, and crowns.

We have some fun events on the calendar for the next few months. There is a Delta drive on April 30th that
promises to deliver some beautiful local scenery. The Grapes of Wrath and Volcano Theatre events are in
early June. And we have “front door” exhibitor parking at a Saturday eve River Cats game in August.
Have a great May, come enjoy our show and rub elbows with your fellow LBC enthusiasts.




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