President's Message

June 2016

I have a simple message to share with all of you this month. All I want to communicate to the membership is a sense of awe and appreciation! We just wrapped up our 2016 “Let the Good Times Roll” UBSCC car show and it was a huge success. I am in awe of the amount of hard work, diligent planning, and careful execution required to deliver the biggest British Car Show in Northern California. This year, we had a total of 284 cars participate in the show. Many of the members were approached during the show or contacted after the show with compliments and expressions of gratitude for putting together such a large gathering.

Many of you may not realize how much effort goes into supporting this show. I’m sure I don’t know the half of it, but I want to recognize Jerry and Katie Costanzo for all their efforts to coordinate, plan, and deliver this event. From the on-line registration (also thanks to webmaster Ken Montgomery) and organizing entrant classes to the gathering of the wonderful raffle prizes to making the nearly 100 winners’ plaques that we gave away, Jerry and Katie worked tirelessly and without complaint on this event – we are so lucky to have them in the club. Ian Kernot, Kim Mercer and Tony Pantoja also provided extraordinary support. So many members helped stuff the show participants’ bags on Friday night and then arrived at Dixon on Saturday afternoon to help set up. We owe sincere thanks to Bob and Sheri Byers, Ken Pinkerman, Carl Agnew, Beni Feil, Augie Rodriquez, Dan Rodriquez, Mike Rapoza, Tom and Paula McEvilly (also thanks for hosting Friday’s stuff-it event), Mike and Marisa Hash, Kyle and Katie Owens, Zack Rockwell, and Rich and Bonnie Thomas for all their efforts. Mike Rapoza and I thank all the club members who donned those sexy fluorescent vests and helped keep the cars in line on the parking detail. Great job and thanks! I’m sure I have left out many names of folks that helped with various parts of the show – my apologies for my poor memory and thank you for your help.

Ken Montgomery provided another fantastic year of music at the show (I especially liked the “after show” Alan Parsons Project”
tune – that was a keeper! Beni Feil and her sales crew sold a ton of regalia, spreading the UBSCC brand amongst the entrants and netting the club a few bucks to boot. Mac Sawhill and his company Spectrum Solid Surfaces provided the beautiful winners’
plaques and Tony Pantoja, Bob Byers, and Jerry sanded and prepared these 100 awards. This is nothing short of a huge amount of work. We also appreciate the members that couldn’t help with the show tasks but brought their cars or just their good humor and attended the show.

What amazes me most (and the thought I leave you with) is that all these club members provide their valuable time and talents
because they are committed to the club and to each other. It is readily apparent that all these folks enjoy each other’s company and really value the friendships that they have formed through the club. The cars bring us together but the great people keep us coming back each month. Thank you all for a wonderful show but most importantly, for your friendship and club participation. Hope to see you all at the June 7th meeting and at our upcoming club events.




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