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President's Message

This is the last President’s message of the year (obviously). That calls for a review of the 2023 activities.

Thanks to the usual gang of members, we had some stellar Regalia Sales, Newsletters, Rallies, Cars and Coffees, and of course a heck of a good Dixon Show. Let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes folks that keep our meeting updates, website, and communications going.

Dale Nichols has done a marvelous job promoting the sale of new and old Regalia. Every chance he gets, he tirelessly pushes the purchase of hats, shirts, jackets, license plate frames, Club grill badges, and any other thing with a UB-SCC logo on it. He has also set up an online purchase method allowing the Club to not have to carry stock, quite a reduction in now needless investment for the Club.

We are so fortunate that Kim Mercer continues to create a monthly newsletter… from England! Not looking for-ward to the day she decides to retire from this position. Pat Galvin acts as Editor along with Kim, but with every-thing else he does for the Club, taking on the newsletter production would be a huge ask. Thanks Kim and Pat!!

UBSCC Rallies are one of the main functions of the Club’s existence. We were lucky to have enough members willing to provide some fantastic rallies in 2023. Special thanks to Tony Pantoja, Tim Waller and Alice Gentry, Mike Rapoza, Ken Freese, Zack Rockwell, Pat Galvin, and Katie and Jerry Costanzo. And thank you Tony Pantoja for offering to provide a class on how to set up a Rally. Put that event on your calendar, January 13th, time and place is TBA.

Also this year was a new series of monthly events, UBSCC Cars and Coffee. George Abel kept these events going, even when he couldn't attend. The informal meetings were mostly well attended and a lot of fun standing around chatting and sipping a morning beverage. Great positive public exposure. Thanks George!

Once again, we had a successful All British Motoring Show and Swap Meet thanks in a very large part to Jerry and Katie Costanzo. The whole Club chips in on this one from begging for donations, setting up the field and booths, running the booths and raffles, and tearing the whole thing down. This year, the Stuff-It dinner was hosted again by Dale and Carolyn Nichols. Thanks to all who stepped up and worked this important event. I would list everyone’s name, but I am worried I might likely miss someone, so thanks to you all (yes, this was the coward’s way out).

Behind the scene tasks are routinely carried out by the elected officers and appointed positions. We wanted to thank our email communications position Mike Rapoza. With his help and willingness to send out emails with very little notice, he is the glue that keeps the Club successful by providing important reminders and notices.

Along similar lines is our webmaster, Ken Montgomery. I admit I haven’t a clue how difficult it is to keep our website up and running and to provide continual upgrades to make it easier to use. But Ken archives the club info and documents and actively keeps everything electronic going.

Katie Owens is another one that does things in background that most of us do not know. She is actually stepping up to be Secretary…again.

A huge thanks to Pat Galvin who goes well be-yond his elected position of Vice President and has his fingers in many things helping out where it is needed.

And of course the Costanzo’s. Katie and Jerry are wonderful people and have really invested themselves in the Club for decades.

And thanks everyone for participating in Club events and maintaining your membership. Without you there would be no Club. So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, be blessed with good health, and take care.

Dave Underwood, President of UBSCC.

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