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President's Message

August was a hot month, who would have guessed. Much like July, there was not a lot of activity for the UBSCC. Our LBCs (and owners) are not really designed for extreme heat, but then again they don’t do well in the rain either. George Abel set up another UBSCC cars and coffee for August was sparsely attended by George Abel and Ken Pinkerman. They had a good visit before heading out.
September’s UBSCC Cars and Coffee will be Saturday, September 16th at 8:00am. We will revisit the Starbucks located at 25008 Blue Ravine Rd in Folsom (the Raley’s parking lot at Blue Ravine and Green Valley Rd).
Hopefully the weather will cooperate staying cool in the morning.

Although the only UBSCC sponsored event is the Cars and coffee, a reminder that September 23rd will be the Ironstone Concurs in Murphys. This event always garners great comments and stories of an enjoyable time. Typically UBSCC members win a few ribbons as well.

| Our daughter Gretchen returned home after a year attending the University of Heidelberg. She had a great time living in Germany and took advantage of travelling to some of the surrounding countries on weekends and breaks. She was surprised by the amount of American muscle cars she saw. Not a lot of LBCs except in London.

Healey progress has been scant as I managed to damage my hip. Too much running and a careless mishap with an im-pact wrench left me out of service for August. Pat has graciously volunteered to cover for me at the September meeting as progress is slow for healing. Hopefully September will see a return to work on the Healey. The front brackets for the rotisserie are complete and work great. When the rear rotisserie brackets are completed, the frame can be finished for some final minor welding and rust treatment. Then hopefully late September will bring primer and joint seal.

Enjoy and appreciate your health, take care, President Dave!
Stay cool and hydrated.

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