President's Message

June 2015


               What a fantastic turn out for this years Car Show in Dixon on May 17! I left my house at dawn thirty on the morning of the event, and very glad that I had left my soft top up. It was a very chilly drive down I-80, but a “spirited” one at that. The chilled air, high octane in the gas tank, a full cup of morning coffee, and the Tiger (and the voice inside my head!) telling me to run up the rpm’s. As I was accelerating onto the freeway I decided to take my chances with very light traffic, and the motor running up to near redline, I was hoping to avoid an encounter with CHP during my route.  A couple of years ago I had a buddy of mine help me dial in the timing and vacuum settings, and its been running so good since that time, that I haven’t touched the motor, except for an oil change and occasional look over. Heck, if it ain’t broke, leave it alone!!  So this run to Dixon was one that had me fired up. Along my travel, I noticed quite a few other Brit cars on their way to the show, but in particular was this red TR6 just ahead in the right lane. Wasn’t till I “flew” by did I realize it was Ken Pinkerman from the club. He did make a comment later in the morning about my speed!!  I pleaded the 5th, and an inconsistent speedometer! (Yeah sure!!)

                All morning we had very typical British weather; cool temps and low winds, and an overcast sky that made for a good day at our regalia booth. If I’m not mistaken we sold almost every sweatshirt, and club jacket that we had. I was part of the parking crew, and cars began to flow in around 7am, and continued right up till about 11.  I don’t have an official # but I heard around 305 British vehicles were positioned very neatly across the fairgrounds lawn. There were several outstanding classics, and some very rare vehicles in attendance. This years Winners Circle had some of the best examples from the various classes that I can recall from past years show.  If I’m not mistaken, this years Swap Meet was the largest display that we have had to date. I very nearly came home with a new project!!  (I still have his phone#)

                Congratulations to all the show winners from all the various classes.  And a HUGH THANK YOU to all the show participants. You are the reason that this show is so successful, and that it attracts the outstanding display of British automobiles, and the large crowds.

               I would like to extend a Special THANK YOU to Katie and Jerry Costanzo for all the work and leadership they put into this year’s show. Thanks you two, we really appreciate your efforts.               

I would also like to thank all the folks that took time to volunteer, work hard and make sure everything was just right.  From the entry gate, field parking assistants, our club booth, regalia folks, raffle station and swap meet, members were giving it their all to get things right.  Every single one of you that helped out throughout the weekend and in the weeks leading up to the show did a fantastic job.

                 We’ve got several events inked on the calendar that are coming up…First is Ken Freeze’s 150 mile tour on Sat. 5/23. I’m looking forward to that one. We have Beni’s drive to the Delta on June 6th. Also, look for details on this years Grapes of Wrath tour on Sun. 6/14. Kim and Ian will be leading us on that one.  The July 4th gathering will be on Sat. July 4th at Tom and Paula’s place.  Be sure to check your email for notices from Bill, and as always, check the events section of the clubs website for details.  

            So, what do you say? Let’s gas up, fire up your LBC, and join us for a drive.  

While I’m on the rant about getting out and driving, let me give you a bit of background about the attached picture. This was from a friend taken several years ago on the Snowball rally. We were climbing in elevation up the hilly mountain roads to North Shore Tahoe on some tight twisty roads, and the Tiger is loving it, as I can either scream uphill in 3rd or just leave it in 4th and pull lots of low-end torque. Either way, not many cars are keeping up to me, let alone passing me.  Well don’t ya know, that out of nowhere comes this BMW Alpina that passes me like I’m nearly parked!!  I never saw him coming. Damn good driver. And no, I didn’t catch him, my wife kept telling me to let him go!!  Maybe next time.

Here’s looking forward to seeing you on the road.


Mike Rapoza


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