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President's Message

March began with a breakfast at Mario’s Early Toast in Rocklin on the 2nd.  A new venue for the Club since Venita Rhea’s was still  rebuilding from a kitchen fire.  Pretty good food!  Tony Pantoja didn’t just set up a nice breakfast, but had a nice drive set up for after then landing participants at Impact Axe in Rocklin.  Margaret and I attended breakfast but not Impact Axe.  Can’t wait to hear the  report back on that axe throwing activity.
March 9th was Cars and Coffee, also at a new venue.  Honey Donut’s in Citrus Heights.  Rumors were circulating that Honey’s has best donuts in town.  Thanks Mike Rapoza for setting this up.
Sadly, Saint Paddy’s Day parade participation was cancelled from UBSCC.  This year the City wanted $75/car, the Club.  There has  never been a charge in the past.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  Thanks Mike Rapoza for setting this up over the years.  Maybe the
City will wake up…
We have some great events for the end of March and April.  Mike Hash and Mike Rapoza will bring the Club another great April Fool’s
Rally on March 30th.  Details are forthcoming, watch your emails.  April 13th will begin with Cars and Coffee in Folsom at Chocolate Fish
Coffee Roasters.  Folks say they have good coffee, so it will be interesting to see how tasty their donuts are.  After a cup of joe, join in Dave Lawson’s Frolic in the Foothills Rally.  It is a poker style rally where participants are handed playing cards along the route.  This run will start at Chocolate Fish and end at Fat Mike’s pizza in Sheldon.
The trees are still gone and the options were weighed and decided for the Underwood’s shop. There are a couple of stumps my  brother-in-law will help with (he has a backhoe, so I guess he is doing it and I will watch).  We did decide to go with wood.  After looking at various options for design, we signed a contract with a small company to draw up the plans and work with us for permitting.  I am familiar with the owner and his work, should be a good fit.  Time will tell.  We will also need to hire an engineer for the handful of structural drawings that will be needed.  Good health to all.  See you at Pete’s for the April 2nd meeting.  

Dave Underwood, President of UBSCC.

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