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President's Message

I would crack a smile, but I don’t like breaking things.  Jarod Kintz (author)

Speaking of breaking things……like our never-ending string of incredibly hot days….   Welcome to fall!  Cool mornings and warm days.  What a nice break in the weather.

Honey and I missed the first rain last week.  We were in Los Angeles at his 50th class reunion at Loyola.  Seems impossible I know, given his young looks, but it is true!  We had a fun time visiting with his old (I mean really old) friends and hearing stories from his fraternity days.  I think the older these guys get, the more details they give up! (My lips are sealed!)

Even though we lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years, returning almost broke me; so many people, cars and noise.  It is even busier than I remembered (maybe I’m just older and slower?).  Because Honey worked at a car rental company near LAX, he knows the streets around the airport.  Thank goodness; there is a lot of competition for street space there.  It you leave a car length in front of your car, someone always takes it.  Even at 65 mph!

After LA, we flew to Denver to visit with my sister and brother-in-law.  We stayed with the millennials in a downtown condo and walked everywhere.  The best parts were going to Coors Field to see the Giants play (beat) the Rockies (twice!), and the American Museum of Western Art.  The Navarre Building that is home to the museum was built in 1880 as a school for girls.  Later, it became a hotel, a brothel, and a  jazz club before it was restored.  It has a wonderful collection of art, and is nestled between a couple of tall, modern buildings downtown. The rain in Denver started just as we ended the day with high tea in honor of the late Queen at the Brown Palace Hotel. A wonderful break on a rainy day.

After three nights in Denver, we went on to Oregon to visit our son, and a break from the Denver crowds. Honey enjoyed driving the brand new (only 22 miles!) Dodge Charger we rented.  While we were resting in our hotel room, a relentless fly was tormenting us.  When it finally landed, Honey smashed him with the room’s info binder.  He missed the fly but hit my laptop and broke the screen!!

Then, the coup de grâce.  We went to see The Woman King at the local theater. I got my favorite snack, Milk Duds, and helped myself to Honey’s popcorn.  In the middle of a battle scene I noticed I had a popcorn kernel stuck in my Milk Dud…BUT NO!…. It was pa chunk of my broken tooth!!!

It’s nice to be home.  We needed a break in the action (or inaction).  And I got my tooth fixed today!

I hope you get out in your LBC in this fall weather.  The Tech Session (with the three Stooges?) on October 8 looks like fun, and so does the Mandarin Run on October 15.

We don’t have anyone yet to sponsor the Halloween Rally on October 29.   Please volunteer!  Just a drive and a lunch spot is all we need.

And last, but not least, my term as Prez is winding down.  We need someone to take the reins for next year.  Nominations are soon, and the election is in November.  If you are interested in this position, please let me, or a board member, know. 

Your Prez,
Katie O


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