President's Message

October 2018

Happy October everyone! Where has the year gone? The Halloween decorations are already going up. I see Costco is already selling Christmas gear. This reminds me that we’d all better clean the dust off our windshields and get out and drive those cars, while we still can. Cold weather and rain (we can hope) are a comin’.

This is a busy time for club activities. There is a club meeting at Mimi’s Café on October 2nd. Then, we have the Teddy Bear Run on October 6th. The following Saturday is the Grapes of Wrath wine tour run. Then, a couple weeks to catch our breath and then the Halloween Rally on November 3rd. Please mark your calendars and join us for these very fun events.

Diane and I tried something new this year. We just came off the California Melee, a nearly thousand-mile jaunt through some of the twistiest remote roads in NorCal. Old Gwenny (59 TR3A) was a trooper, and she carried us without complaint from Folsom to the Presidio, to Red Bluff, to Fort Bragg, back to Sausalito, and then…. nearly home. We broke down in Woodland and were towed the last 35 miles or so. Diane seemed relieved, as I think she felt like an overdone PopTart after 4.5 days in the Triumph sun and the flatbed tow did have very good AC! It was a great adventure and we got to see a whole new part of the state. And, because it wasn’t a club event, there were no chickens to be awarded due to assistance from AAA.

We hope to see you at a club event soon. Invest some time and energy into the club and you’ll be rewarded with some cool adventures and wonderful friendships.

Pat Galvin

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