President's Message

December 2014

                Change is inevitable!! I’m not talking Obama’s change, I even cringed typing his name. I’m talking about change in our own personal lives. And over the past month my wife and I have experienced a significant change (for the better) in our lives. Both of our son’s have moved back to Northern California after being in San Diego for a better part of 7 years. We are thrilled and excited to have them “back”, and to now begin another chapter in our life’s journey.  This will be the first Thanksgiving that we have spent home in quite some time.  We are looking forward to this new adventure that has begun for the both of them. Now, lets see if we can get them interested in a little British Car…!!

                Congratulations to the Executive Board for their willingness to work for the club another year. Your officers for 2015 are; Kim Mercer, Secretary. Katie Costanzo, Treasurer. Mike Hash, Vice President,

                And myself as your President. I am looking forward to working with the Executive Board for another year. Our goal is to make the year a fun and exciting time for all UBSCC members. We’ll be working on a brand new Events Calendar in the next few months. Please make it a point to come out and join in the fun for any of the events of 2015

                I would like to thank all of the people that worked so hard to make this year a fun time for the club. We had a lot of drives and gatherings throughout the months, and great turnout for many of those events.  

                Planning for the UBSCC show in May is now underway; the planning Committee has some new ideas for the 2015 show, and are always eager to hear from you.

                 Just a reminder to everyone that membership dues should be in the mail to insure we have your current information, and to make sure you are included in the new roster for the 2015 year.  Remember that we are always looking for your articles, stories, journeys, tech tip, or just a quick note of British or any auto interest. We’ll have our crack editing team get it on print and into an upcoming newsletter. By the way, many thanks to Tony Pantoja who took on this position for us, and has been doing a fantastic job on the Oilspots. Thank you Tony!!

                I would like to remind the members that the Christmas in January gathering will again be hosted by my wife and I. Seems like the membership likes to party at our house.  And we really do enjoy hosting all of you. It will be on Sat. Jan. 3rd.   Look for an email from Bill Pugh, or give me a call / email, I’ll get you all the details. Till then……

                I hope that if there is some change in your life, that you may prosper and and enjoy every moment of it.

                I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

                Mike Rapoza





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