President's Message

October 2015

   Seems like it was just about a year ago that we made a trip back to Massachusetts to visit with family and friends, and I just got back from New England once again. Spent most of my time with my mom, and whittling away at a “honey-do” list that she had for me. But I certainly didn’t mind, no chore was anything more than I do around my own house. The weather was hot for early Sept., but it was the humidity that was killer. (Or WICKED as they say quite a-bit back theya) I did get to experience a moderate thunderstorm, accompanied by“RAIN”… and it rained all day, yet the weather folks were saying that it did very little for their “drought”… !!!! The nerve of these folks… DROUGHT? They call a 20+ day stretch without significant rainfall a

I saw quite a few ponds and lakes pretty full, and everyone’s lawn was green. Ahh the California life! Anyway,
it was a great visit as I cherish all the time that I got to spend with mom.

We are hoping to have a good turnout for this years Jim Messineo Teddy Bear run, taking place on Sat. Oct.
A HUGH THANK YOU to Zack for all your effort and taking the lead on this annual UBSCC event. Be
sure to check thru Oil Spots for an article about the event.

Some upcoming events for this month; Triumph Fest is being held in San Diego Oct.8-10, don’t miss the
Delta Tour on the 17th , we’ll be joining forces with the Central Valley British Club on this one, than we’ll do
some driving on Ken’s tour to Sorensen’s Resort, and up the grades to Tahoe !! Looking forward to that. Doing
some R+R and maintenance on the Tiger to prep for this one. Then to finish off the month Sat. 31 Katie
and Kyle will take us on the annual Halloween Rally, look for details in the Events portion on our website.
It is that time of year again, and I would like to remind all of our members that nominations for next year’s
officers will begin at our regular meeting October 6th. Nominations will conclude at the regular meeting on
November 3th, with elections by ballot to follow at that meeting. All new officers shall be seated at the Club’s
Annual Christmas Dinner, with all due ceremony, terms shall begin January 1, 2015.

As per the By Laws of the United British Sports Car Club, nominations will be open for the office of:
President / Vice President / Secretary / Treasurer

Nominations shall be open for anyone that is interested in any of these positions, you must be a member
of the UBSCC and your dues must be current.

This club runs on the interest and selflessness of its members. We, as a club make it better. You as a member can enjoy the UBSCC through the next year by turning out for, and participating in as many events as you can. Hoping to see you on the road soon.

Mike Rapoza


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