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President's Message

It’s already April, one third of the year gone.  For me, the weather has truncated the year by limiting and postponing the usual yard work and projects around the house.  My LBCs are screaming for attention, so there has been some progress regardless of the weather, but not as much as there should have been…typical.  To work on the project Healey, some of the equipment needs to move outside the garage.  Not in the rain though, spring should be here soon.  The TR6 has the new high torque starter installed after much torturous twisting and finger breaking efforts.  The battery cable and ignition wires to the starter lengths had to be extended because the solenoid sits lower than the original starter.  Non-OEM parts are always a fun challenge to fit and install.  But worth it, the engine fires much easier and consistently hopefully keeping a Chicken Award at bay.  How about your cars, are they ready to go?

The Club is steaming ahead with the Dixon Show preparations.  Jerry and Katie Costanzo are performing their usual herculean effort coordinating with Club members, vendors, Fair Grounds people, and other folks that make the Show a success.  Jerry has a few members lined up to set up and tear down the Show, but more volunteers are welcome.  Please email him or sign up at the next meeting.  This year we have Dave Lawson and Jim Hearns following up with the vendors who received donation letters sent out earlier this year.  They have been successful at commitments for donation raffle items and “stuff it” items for the SWAG bags.  Speak of Stuff it, the Nichols have generously opened their home again for the Stuff It event.  It will be on the Saturday a week prior to the Show, May 13th.

In this edition of OilSpots is the first Club Member Bio featuring the Rapoza’s.   It is an interesting read that includes a nice history of when Mike and Janine began “going together”.  This series of articles will introduce readers to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our Club running smoothly.

Also new is the UBSCC Casual Cars and Coffee.  Every month, weather permitting, we will meet at a different coffee place parking lot.  The coffee place will be rotated around the region so everyone will have the opportunity for a short drive to the event.  The meeting will initially be 8:00 am, but when the searing summer heat comes that may be moved to an earlier time to avoid a hot ride home. The first UBSCC CCC will be April 8th, 8:00 am, at the Starbucks parking lot located in the Raley’s Shopping Center at Sunrise B. and Douglas Rd in southern Rancho Cordova.

Hope to see you at the next UBSCC event or meeting.  Take care! 



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