President's Message

August 2014

One of the projects I have on my to do list for the Tiger (in the distant future) is a new brake system, front and rear. Its stopping power is OK right now, but you can always make something better.  After the past 3 months that I just experienced, I just want to put the brakes on time and climb into a hammock and sleep off a month or two. We just got in from San Diego after 7 days, of hosting family and friends for my oldest son’s wedding. It was quite the event, yet simple, actually the whole day went without a hitch and just as the bride and groom had planned. It’s always great to get together with family and friends from out of town, and celebrate a good occasion. This happens in a very short timeframe in our life, so we must make the best of it and keep good memories.

            This months photo is from the property of a cottage that we rented in San Diego, and turns out the owner is a Brit., and owns a Lotus, and he’s a retired engineer! We struck up quite the conversation, and the next thing you know he’s inviting me to his friends houses, their garages, and the local Jaguar dealer for test drives !!!  “But sir, I’m down here for my son’s wedding.  Thank you though.“  He was very gracious, and their rental, which was a part of their property, was exquisite!!  Off to a corner of the yard, he had a putting green, and don’t ya know it, a British Flag sitting on the hole marker!!  Well, I just had to take advantage of that !!! Never had a chance to share a glass of wine with Trevor, but I know I’ll be back in San Diego again.!!

            So that sums up my July. The rest of the club got to participate in a couple of events; the first being the Volcano tour on Sat the 13th. Look for a write up in Oilspots for that event. Next up was the UBSCC invite to the California State Fair. I heard that we had a good showing of LBC’s. Look for a write up on that event as well.  We only have one event scheduled for August, so remember to always check the Events section on our website for dates and info.  On Saturday, Aug.17, I’ll be leading a group up to Chicago Park, (Colfax) for Movie night at Montoliva Winery, who is hosting a British themed evening, and will be showing the Austin Powers flick: the Spy who shagged Me!  Should be a great evening, sitting in amongst the vineyard, and under the stars, sipping great wine!!  Come on out and join us.

Its also time to start thinking about the Jim Messinio teddy bear run that will be upon us very shortly on Sept. 14th.  Last year we had a great turn out of cars, and lots of helpful folks that made many of the kids happy. Lets duplicate, or better last years event.

             Looks like my calendar is pretty wide open for the unforeseeable future. Think I’ll head into the garage and take look at that to do list. Better yet, soon as the temps stay below 100, I’m heading out for a drive.  The to do list can wait a while longer.  See you on the road!



Mike Rapoza






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