President's Message

August 2014

Everyday we take for granted so much and surely overlook very simple things that should be a part of our “routines “. We all march forward with our lives and plan for tomorrow’s events, or next weekends, or a month or two, perhaps even next year.  We expect the lights to turn on when we flip the electrical switch. We expect water from the faucet when the handle is turned on. And yes, most of us expect our cars to roar to life when we turn the ignition on.  Most of us, fail to take time during our “busy” days to acknowledge and be thankful for a very important commodity.  Our lives!  I’m sure that each and every one of you have been effected by a life changing event, and how its made an impact, whether large or small on your life.  Take the time to cherish the people in your life that mean something extra special to you.  Give them a hug, and tell them how important they are to you.

            I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July celebration. This past month has been a hot one for most of the days. But many folks braved the heat and made it out to Tom + Paula’s beautiful oasis. There was so much to see at various places throughout the landscape, and now my wife has a new “to-do” list for me!! Look for a write-up somewhere within Oilspots.  We also had a very good showing at the Sac Zoo’s twilight Thursday British Themed event, held on Thurs. July 10th  .  A very fun evening all around, from friendly conversation with fellow LBC owners, the curious crowd oogelers, and the music from the Beatles tribute band, Mania. Jerry brought out the Mini for its first event! (I think??)  They won a placard that was voted on by the staff at the Sac Zoo. !!   

            I had to cancel our representation at this years California State Fair. We just didn’t have sufficient numbers to make it a decent showing. Hopefully, they keep us on the list for future events.

 We only have one event inked for this month,  Aug.23  Volcano Theatre Show    Robin Hood . If you haven’t pre-paid, you’ll have to make your own reservations/ ticket purchase. Its also time to start thinking about the Jim Messinio teddy bear run that will be upon us very shortly on Sept. 13th.  Last year we had a great turn out of cars, and lots of helpful folks that made many of the kids happy. Lets duplicate, or better last year’s event.

             If you have an ideas for a drive, lunch… any activity, let me know and we’ll get it on the calendar.

             Looks like my calendar is pretty wide open for the unforeseeable future. Think I’ll head into the garage and take look at that to do list. Better yet, I think I’ll go find my wife and give her a hug !!!

The to do list can wait a while longer.  See you on the road!



Mike Rapoza



Mike Rapoza






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